Screen Printing

Our screen printing production facility consists of three automatic and five manual presses. This equipment gives Graphix the ability to print a wide range of orders; whether it is 10,000 pieces with 3 printing locations, or an 8 color simulated design that needs the precise detail and attention from one of our experienced hand printers.

Graphix uses a Pantone Matching System, with hundreds of Pantone Colors already in stock. Our Art Department renders your submitted artwork using the closest Pantone match, sends you a proof for approval, and if not in stock our skilled ink operator will blend colors by hand to specifically match the colors in your artwork. Graphix also offers CMYK Process and spot color simulation rendering your 8+ color  design with a clean crisp print.

In the screen printing industry,  innovation is everything and style is always changing. We are persistent in researching current trends and work closely with our customers, distributors, and suppliers to help offer unique locations and printing methods to achieve a retail appearance.

We understand the importance of consistency. We print various catalog products and run thousands of reprint orders. We have proven that our detailed record keeping is worth the time.

For our promotional distributors offering catalog items, youth clothing, and products shipped internationally, we print language translation compliancies and CPSIA Tracking labels for ink testing.

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